This Video Will Put You Off Eating Sweets For Life

Most of us know that sweets, and many other things, contain something called ‘gelatin’ (or ‘gelatine’) – but we bury our heads and don’t ever really want to find out exactly what it’s made of because hey, Haribo are fun to eat.

But it seems like the world is getting a rude awakening after a video, made by freelance producer Alina Kneepkens started making the rounds, that shows the manufacturing process of sweets in reverse.

Called “‘Over Eten’ Gelatine”, it’s a real wake up call for all of the sweet eaters who had no idea what they were eating:

‘Over Eten’ Gelatine from Alina Kneepkens on Vimeo.

Feeling a little bit horrified? You’re not alone.

It’s also worth noting that even if you’re not a sweet eater, Gelatine is also used in manufacturing,cosmetics, and medicines. It’s commonly found in face masks, shampoos and other cosmetics. It is also used as a thickener for various desserts, like ice cream, yogurt and jelly.

And, most randomly, it’s used on photographic film and as a protective layer on vitamin tablets and the capsules of medications and pills.

Basically, it’s everywhere.

And now that you know exactly what it’s made of, the DIY trend of using gelatin to pull out blackheads will seem like something out of a horror movie:

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Lead image: iStock / Getty

Sources: Vimeo, WebMD

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